Ocean Lover

The best moments are the ones at the ocean…the colors, the wind in my hair, the smell of salt and sand between my toes… ♥ No wonder that I took mostly pictures of the Atlantic during the two weeks in the Cape region… Cape of good hope / Diaz Beach On the way to Hermanus„Ocean Lover“ weiterlesen

Namibia -Kookerboom Woud

On the way back to Johannesburg we passed Keetmanshoop and spent a night in the Quivertree forest rest camp. Right next to the camp there is a fascinating kokerboom forest and the light before the rain storm made a magical scenery. Neither of us wanted to fly home after these three exciting weeks in Africa,„Namibia -Kookerboom Woud“ weiterlesen

Namibia – Sossusvlei

We spent two nights in Sesriem to see the dunes around Sossusvlei in the best light of the day…early in the morning and late in the afternoon. Unfortunately we had cloudy weather and very strong winds, so we missed the typical view of the region. But what we got instead was simply amazing…a mystical light and„Namibia – Sossusvlei“ weiterlesen

Namibia – Skeleton Coast to Solitaire

The Atlantic Ocean appeared like a Fata Morgana when drove through the dry and dead region of the Skeleton Coast. We decided to take a deep breath of the salty sea air, but  Cape Cross is the home of a big colony of seals and the breath-taking smell of these animals made us carry on„Namibia – Skeleton Coast to Solitaire“ weiterlesen

Namibia – Brandberg and Messum Crater

At the foot of the Brandberg we had one of the best camps on the journey, in the wild, with a beautiful view! It was a windy night and the gas cooker couldn’t handle it, so we cooked spagetti on the open fire. In the morning we found traces of a big cat…maybe a leopard?!„Namibia – Brandberg and Messum Crater“ weiterlesen

Namibia – Sesfontain to Palmwag

It was a very long day in the car through an area that seemed to be the end of the world. Stones and sand as far as the eyes could see…but even in this dry stone desert we saw giraffes, Oryx, a herd of elephants and even a wild rhino! Incredible…  

Namibia – Etosha to Sesfontain

The original plan was to drive from Etosha north to van Zyl’s pass, but due to a lack of time we decided to change the plan and explore the region around warmquelle. Very good decision! It felt great to be in the mountains after that long time in the flat savanna! The road was partly„Namibia – Etosha to Sesfontain“ weiterlesen

Zambia – Vic Falls without water

From Botswana to Zambia we had to cross the Zambezi River. The short trip on Kazungula Ferry brought us to the border where we had to do all the paperwork and payments…an interesting experience! On the way to Livingston we already noticed that it was very dry…we were really looking forward to Victoria Falls with a thundering„Zambia – Vic Falls without water“ weiterlesen